The Doha Climate Conference 2012

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The eighteenth annual United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) held each year in Doha, Qatar, concluded on December 8 without making any measurable progress in its effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the environment. The climate conference did succeed in extending the Kyoto Protocol that was due to expire at the end of 2012 to 2020. It was also agreed to extend the development of a new protocal until next year. (more…)




Wildfires in Europe

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Wildfires in Europe have been spreading, fueled by the hot, dry climate and exceedingly hot summer. A resort area on the Atlantic coast of France, known for its 3 meter waves and pine forests is now burning. Two hundred firefighters are battling to save this coastal resort area. Already over 550 hectares of forest have been destroyed near the town of Lacanau. Around 200 firefighters have been deployed to tackle this wildfire close to a popular surfing resort on France’s Atlantic coast. People who want to flee the devastation are hampered by blocked roads. (more…)




How to save energy?

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Due to the current state of the economy, many consumers are trying to find ways to cut costs. They are searching for more frugal shopping techniques and better ways to cut down the household bills. An individual attempting to budget can start by making efforts to save energy. Since the energy bill is one that fluctuates every month, a consumer can very easily cut corners and incorporate the following intelligent strategies to lower the monthly bill: (more…)




Water Pollution on Earth

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Despite the fact that this natural resource is essential for life, most people don’t actually think much about the importance of water. It’s also easy for many to ignore the dangers of water pollution, especially when those people live in areas where the resource is plentiful. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy an environment where drinking, cooking and bathing water are always clean and easy to get. This resource is one of the most threatened and most ignored on the planet. (more…)




Eco Friendly Homes

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The environment is becoming a bigger and bigger concern to many people as we continue to learn about global climate change and the possibilities for the future. Eco friendly homes are one of the fastest growing sectors of the building industry, and for good reason. We have had tons of technological advances that have made sustainable houses more efficient, built with high tech and common sense technologies. (more…)