Droughts Show Climate Change

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In the near future, the UK will be bracing for droughts so severe that they haven’t faced their like since 1976. The year 1976 boasts one of the worst droughts in recorded UK history. Experts expect that the rate of these killer droughts is going to continue increasing, and with them will come the harsh water shortages and crop failures.

It was during a recent Met Office study into how droughts show climate change that scientists discovered this new information. The evidence suggests that climate change brings with it an increased frequency of extreme droughts. The scientists researching how droughts show climate change now expect that frequency will continue to increase through 2100.

The scientists used the 1976 drought as a benchmark to affect on people what it will mean to have this severe, relatively isolated event become a more regular occurrence. During the droughts show climate change research, scientists used the Met Office climate model to run a number of simulations. In the worst-case scenarios, the droughts could occur once a decade, which is ten times more frequent than the rate today.

Eleanor Burke, a climate extremes scientist at the Met Office, and one working on the droughts show climate change study, accentuated that it is vital for the UK to understand how these droughts will affect the country. The 1976 drought caught them unaware, but the UK can use this information to be proactive, and limit the damage.

Burke stressed that the UK must prepare for the crop failure, fire hazards and wildfires like in Russia, health risks, and water shortages that will be associated with the droughts. The UK must also funnel the necessary money into research. This way the Met Office can perform additional research to assess how likely each climate model result is, and therefore the country can plan accordingly for the appropriate consequences.

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