BP After the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

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The infamous BP Oil Spill was the biggest environmental disaster in U.S. History. People who witnessed the event on television remember the commercials that British Petroleum made during that time promising to stay as long as necessary and do whatever it takes to make things right again.

It takes an oil company with a lot of money and know-how to tackle the difficult job of off-shore drilling, and BP is one of the largest in the world. Former “British Petroleum” looked for ways to cut costs, it invited an oil spill in an unforgiving place.

Any oil disaster brings environmental destruction. The Gulf of Mexico is a particularly fragile area. The BP disaster has been labeled oil spill 2010. For months it spewed its toxic brew into the Gulf of Mexico which is home to many fisheries.

BP has paid $20 billion into a compensation fund to reimburse fishermen from the Gulf of Mexico and others who’s livelihood has been threatened by the oil disaster. This is in addition to the money that it paid to fight the oil spill and clean up after it.

The label “oil spill 2010” has a frightening connotation. Dating an oil disaster implies that others are expected to occur in the future. British Petroleum is still strong and has permission to drill in the Arctic Ocean north of Alaska. It has delayed drilling in the dangerous but environmentally rich waters but still has an expectation of producing oil from a well there by 2013. Oil Spill 2010 may not be the last.

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