Oil versus Renewable Energy

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The debate regarding the use of oil versus renewable energy was coming to a head recently with another oil spill occurring in the Gulf of Mexico. This brings up the alternative choice of using renewable energy that is safe and does not carry the dangers to the environment than oil does. Researchers in a variety of areas are looking for energy solutions they can reduce the damage is done in accidents such as oil spills.

When oil leaks from a damaged tanker or and underground pipe, it can cause damage to the environment. Oil, when leaked into an environment, is extremely hard to clean up. In the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the oil company was using a procedure called top kill to stem the flow. This procedure involves using a special pump to push mud down into the oil well in order to slow the flow of oil coming out. Once this has been done, cement is then used to close off the area for the league has occurred.

Renewable Energy

The vast amounts of capital earned through our use of petroleum products has a high cost on the environment. The oil prizes that have come and discoveries of large underground deposits are being paid back in pollution, waste and disregard for the natural cycle. Renewable energy sources such as ethanol, hydrogen, wind power and solar energy, when used productively, can turn out sufficient energy for our needs while not damaging the earth. These energy solutions, if used, can prevent accidents such as the oil spill in the Gulf from occurring.

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