Hunger crisis in Somalia

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Hunger And Drought In Somalia: When hunger creates a crisis in African nations like Somalia, the result is delay in progress and reductions government revenues. According to several recent Somalian government officials, the reason for the hunger crisis is blamed on drought.

Human-Caused Global Warming Changes Weather Patterns
One result of human-caused global warming is radical changes to prevailing weather patterns across the globe. For Somalia, these changes cause massive drought. The drought of 2011 in Africa has untold consequences on human, animal and plant life. Hunger is the cruelest form of fatalities. It takes its toll on entire populations across Africa and weakens the fabric of human existence.

Drought 2011
At a time when Somalians are already in the throes of government unrest and widespread poverty, the severity of Drought 2011 exacerbates these internal issues. Are there ways to help the continent of Africa to deflect a future crisis like the extreme Drought 2011? With sound safeguards and profuse assistance, Somalians can rise above the frequency of extreme difficulties.

Help For Somalians When It’s Needed
While other nations concur on the most appropriate means of providing safeguards and assistance, action is the only real resolution. The government of Somalia must become far more proactive in voicing the needs of its people. In addition, the global community can, even in difficult economic times, grant exchanges of technologies such as desalinization of seawater for potable use and redesigning agricultural planning to suit a more productive harvesting of food supplies.

It Begins With Water
The starving Somalians must first be provided with potable water for their daily needs and to increase their ability to produce agricultural products. Thus, it appears the priority forthcoming from the global community should be to provide funding, expertise and training for technologies to increase the supply of potable water.

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