Climate Change Effects

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The impact of climate change on our planet is the subject of fierce debate. While some skeptics continue to deny that global warming is man-made or that there will be any climate change effects, for many climate scientists the question is not whether we will see changes, but how severe they will be.

United Nations says: temperatures will rise

The United Nations says that the earth has already warmed by more than 0.6 degrees centigrade over the last century, and that even at the lowest predicted levels of warming, temperatures will rise by more than double that over the next hundred years. While precise climate change facts are hard to pin down, many people around the world say they can see that mother earth is already feeling the impact.

Extinction follows Climate Change

As polar ice caps melt, sea levels are rising and will continue to do so, inundating lowlands and destroying cooler habitats around the planet. Meanwhile, patterns of precipitation are expected to change, with some areas getting far wetter while others become drier – leading to the extinction of plants and creatures unable to cope with their changing circumstances. The United Nations (UN) predicts that up to a quarter of all mammals and more than one in ten birds could become extinct over the next few decades – a huge loss to the diverse population of mother earth.

We have to take action to safe Mother Earth

As for humans, climate scientists say we too will suffer, as fiercer storms and more flooding hit coastal areas – a potential disaster for the billions who live there. We’ll also face an increasing shortage of drinking water, as the seas rise, flooding freshwater supplies. Global warming could severely disrupt food supplies, as previously fertile lands dry out or are flooded. What’s more, scientists warn, warmer temperatures will help diseases such as malaria spread, with potentially devastating effects. While the accuracy of many such climate change facts may be hard to test, scientists and campaigners say their warnings are a call for all of us to take action.

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