How Carbon Dioxide Influences Global Warming

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Only in the last 50 years have scientists recognized the link between global warming and carbon dioxide, CO2 for short. Carbon dioxide, along with methane, water vapor, and some other gases care called greenhouse gases, because they have the effect of trapping in heat on the Earth like a greenhouse. In a greenhouse, glass panels allow the heat and light of the sun to enter, but prevent them from escaping, boosting the temperature inside, allowing plants to grow year round despite the conditions outdoors. Similarly, greenhouse gases trap heat from the sun.

Greenhouse Effect through carbon dioxide gases

The sun’s energy is primarily composed of light waves that have a wavelength of less than 4000 billionths of an inch. This heat and energy rains down on the earth, providing warmth. The earth holds a certain amount of this heat, but also reflects some of it back into the atmosphere at wavelengths longer than 4000 billionth’s of an inch. In the atmosphere, carbon dioxide gas along with other greenhouse gases absorbs these longer wavelengths of light, preventing excess heat from escaping back into space. This process heats up the planet.

Controlling CO2 emissions

Beginning with the Industrial Revolution, as man discovered ways to produce fuel out of carbon based materials like oil and gas, emissions of CO2 have steadily increased. Many people fear that with the carbon dioxide atmosphere levels rising, the Earth is on the brink of sliding into a runaway greenhouse scenario similar to Earth’s sister planet Venus. In order to combat global warming, many countries have made promises to reduce emissions of CO2 in order to reduce carbon dioxide atmosphere levels in an attempt to slow down global warming. Countries are now investing in clean, renewable energy sources such as nuclear, solar, and wind power as well as subsidizing the research and marketing of alternatively fueled cars like hybrids and hydrogen powered vehicles.

Stop Greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide!

Carbon dioxide CO2 levels are at their highest levels since historical records have been kept, while global mean temperatures are also at a high, indicating that there is a correlation between the two. In order to stop or slow down a global catastrophe from occurring as temperatures rise and destroy ecosystems, countries and individuals are making great strides to control the emissions of carbon dioxide gas and other greenhouse gases.

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