Protect our earth: use bicycles instead of cars

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A lot of politicians are talking about global warming, its impacts and about several topics which are dealing about human beings who are destroying our planet. But nearly nobody is making clear proposals what to do against these problems. Thirty years ago – some elder still remember – on some Sundays in a month nobody was allowed to drive a. So the “German Autobahns” were empty and ready to use for cyclists and hikers. But this was because of the oil crisis.

Nowadays, mother earth seems to answer back to all the bad treatments by its citizens, but no politician is talking about not using the car for a single day during the week. Just imagine if everybody on planet earth would not use a car for only one day in a week. That would reduce carbon dioxide emissions from cars for at least 10% – 15%. Everyone would be forced to use a bicycle to get from one point to another. Would you argue if this proposal would become reality?

Safe mother earth: change your habits

As I mentioned above I do not think that anybody of our so called “wise guys” will make proposals like that. National interests, economy and job security are much more of interest for politicians than earthquakes, tsunamis and famine. So it is up to everybody of us to do everything that we can to safe our earth.
Turn off lights if they are not used, switch off personal computers over night, use your bike instead of your car and avoid using planes for holidays. Spend your holidays in your own country and try to get a better feeling for things that pollute our nature and earth. If everyone is caring about these issues, we really can do it! Yes, we can!

This informative and really reflective article was written by Thomas from tomsbikecorner.de / Rosenheim.

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