The Thailand Flood

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The Thailand Flood 2011 is one that people will never forget. The Finance Minister released a statement a wees ago saying that the recent Bangkok flood is the worst that Thailand has ever seen. He also said that the flood did almost 4 billion dollars of damage. That is bad, but it is not even the worst part.

The Thailand Flood has killed over 280 people and injured thousands more. Additionally, Thailand is one of the the world’s top exporter of rice. More than 10 percent of the rice supply has been destroyed by the Bangkok flood. Experts are predicting that this will cause the price of food to increase. They are also predicting that this may also threaten the food supply in several countries.

Thailand Flooding is certainly nothing new. In November 1993, a Thailand flood hit that did over 1 billion dollars worth of damage. The particular flood was known as the worst flood that ever hit Thailand until the recent one hit. Thailand flooding has destroyed homes, businesses and lives. Fortunately, many other countries have donated food, money and other resources to the victims.

The Thailand Flood 2011 is one of the many floods that have occurred this year. People have noticed that the number of natural disasters have increased drastically in the past few years. Weather experts have stated that many of the natural disasters can be attributed to global warming. Global warming is largely caused by human activities. Global warming leads to climate change and climate change leads to unfavorable weather conditions. Humans can reduce global warming by driving less often, recycling and turning off appliances when they are not using them.

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