Wildfires in Europe

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Wildfires in Europe have been spreading, fueled by the hot, dry climate and exceedingly hot summer. A resort area on the Atlantic coast of France, known for its 3 meter waves and pine forests is now burning. Two hundred firefighters are battling to save this coastal resort area. Already over 550 hectares of forest have been destroyed near the town of Lacanau. Around 200 firefighters have been deployed to tackle this wildfire close to a popular surfing resort on France’s Atlantic coast. People who want to flee the devastation are hampered by blocked roads.

In Spain, firefighters are struggling to control the worst blazes in 10 years. Fires spreading through Greece are affecting other parts of Europe. Thousands of acres of forest fires are engulfing Greece, Spain and France. Hot summer causes burning. Poor environmental management and arson are also factors in this large scale devastation.


Arson is apparently responsible for have scorching 80 square kilometers near the town of Castrocontrigo, 200 miles northwest of Madrid. Five hundred soldiers are helping to fight the fires. Residents have not yet been evacuated. Burning wildfires in Europe’s pine forests are clearly visible in satellite photos.
The Mayor believes that at least one serial arsonist started the blaze. Since January 2012, 869 square miles of wooded area have been scorched in 11,000 wildfires. Nearly all these fires are believed to be arson related.

The secret service is investigating arson related fires as well. On the island of Chios, 20 fires have been burning out of control. Gale force winds are helping to destroy olive groves and forests. 400 fire fighters, volunteers, water dropping planes and helicopters are attempting to stop this terrible devastation by fire. Two French tourists were arrested as suspects on the island of Andros.
Long hot summers and fires are common. However, the recent heat waves have turned the country into a tinder box.

In the Mediterranean there has been extensive ecosystem damage and the causes involve bad management. George M. Maharas, wrote his master’s thesis at Lund University on the unsustainablity of current natural environment and human social and economic activities. He indicated that human expansion and tourist development have encroached on agricultural areas and natural habitats, creating pressure on natural ecosystems and ultimately leading to the serious fire hazards we see today. Sustainable practices and environmental awareness can ultimately put an end to the destructive force of these forest fires.

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