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Eco Friendly Homes

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The environment is becoming a bigger and bigger concern to many people as we continue to learn about global climate change and the possibilities for the future. Eco friendly homes are one of the fastest growing sectors of the building industry, and for good reason. We have had tons of technological advances that have made sustainable houses more efficient, built with high tech and common sense technologies. (more…)




Pedelec: a new milestone in the history of bikes?

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If you are trying to save fuel costs, but don’t want to peddle a bike everywhere, or ride a full blown motorcycle, you can try one of the pedal electric bicycles. A pedelec looks like a bicycle, but is helped by an electric motor, which is powered by a rechargeable battery. There are bikes that only assist you in pedalling and there are e bikes with motors that replace pedalling.These bikes give the rider a clean, efficient and affordable means to get around in urban or rural areas. These electric assisted bikes offer
sustainability and economy. (more…)




It’s Easy Being Green: A Guide to Renewable Energy and Efficiency

There is a lot of discussion centered around non-fossil-fuel energy sources and energy efficiency right now. With atmospheric concentrations of CO2 rising to damaging levels, renewable energy might be the best option for reversing the effects of global warning and reliance on fossil fuels. But how does one know how to choose an alternative energy source? (more…)




Sustainability keeps our earth livable

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In the growing environmental crises that are ensnaring the earth today, it is vital for each person to resolve to do what they can to reverse the damage that has been done and to stop the damage that continues on a daily basis around the globe. We live in an era of consumption, convenience and disposability, which focuses only on the “now” and not on the future. In order to maintain our way of life, current thinking must be reversed and begin to focus more on sustainability, green alternatives, energy independence, and the environment. (more…)