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The environment is becoming a bigger and bigger concern to many people as we continue to learn about global climate change and the possibilities for the future. Eco friendly homes are one of the fastest growing sectors of the building industry, and for good reason. We have had tons of technological advances that have made sustainable houses more efficient, built with high tech and common sense technologies.

Sustainability in eco houses
Efficiency is one of the biggest aspects of building eco houses, which is also true for some properties in Birmingham and other cities. The home should be as efficient in its use of energy as possible, and this can start in the initial construction of the home. The use of passive solar placement of the home will naturally reduce the need for lighting, as well as reduce heating and cooling costs by taking advantage of the way the sun moves throughout the seasons. Energy efficient appliances and water saving technologies are also often installed in eco houses as they can significantly reduce the amount of energy used in the home.

Management of energy usage is also a common feature of eco friendly homes. There are tons of different energy management programs available for homes that make tracking and managing energy usage, and even things like home lighting simple and easy. Sustainable houses are those that are built with efficiency in mind and have technologies in place that help to make managing one’s energy usage as simple as possible.

Building a home that not only promotes sustainability, but also includes the conveniences of modern life is not just a pipe dream. There are tons of old, and new, technologies that can help to improve the efficiency of your homes design and energy usage, helping you to do your part in doing right by the planet.

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