Pedelec: a new milestone in the history of bikes?

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If you are trying to save fuel costs, but don’t want to peddle a bike everywhere, or ride a full blown motorcycle, you can try one of the pedal electric bicycles. A pedelec looks like a bicycle, but is helped by an electric motor, which is powered by a rechargeable battery. There are bikes that only assist you in pedalling and there are e bikes with motors that replace pedalling.These bikes give the rider a clean, efficient and affordable means to get around in urban or rural areas. These electric assisted bikes offer
sustainability and economy.

You may be wondering what the pros and cons are to riding a pedelec or pedal electric cycle:
These bikes are not for high speed. You should not plan on speeds over 5 to 30 miles per hour. If your e bike goes over 15 miles per hour in Europe, you will have to abide by motorcycle rules.The batteries do need to be recharged periodically, so you will need use of a power socket at home and at work during the day.

A pedal electric cycle will get you around with less effort than a traditional bicycle while using a fraction of the energy that a motorcycle or car would use. Many people who do not have the ability to use a traditional bike, find an e bike easy to use. Batteries used by this bike are recyclable. These electric assisted bicycles are light weight and easy to handle.

They don’t require helmets or special clothing by law. This e bike costs more than a traditional bicycle but the ease of use makes it well worth the cost. Sustainability is another advantage of the electrically assisted pedal bike. Sustainability is achieved because there are less parts to replace and less energy used on these bicycles than motorbikes or cars.

These electrically assisted bicycles appeared on the market in the 1990’s in Europe and spread all over the world from Japan to China and all over Europe and the USA. There were pedelec test rides offered in Germany in 1998 and that year 350,000 pedelecs sold. You can find pedelec test rides to decide if you like this type bike. Most dealers selling electric assisted bikes will offer pedelec test rides.

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