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In the growing environmental crises that are ensnaring the earth today, it is vital for each person to resolve to do what they can to reverse the damage that has been done and to stop the damage that continues on a daily basis around the globe. We live in an era of consumption, convenience and disposability, which focuses only on the “now” and not on the future. In order to maintain our way of life, current thinking must be reversed and begin to focus more on sustainability, green alternatives, energy independence, and the environment.

Each person can contribute in small ways to help support energy sustainability, green sustainability, and environmental sustainability. Small modifications to energy consumption can render significant results. Unplugging unused appliances such as cell phone chargers, coffee makers, and curling irons and committing to air dry at least one load of clothes Less energy consumption leads to less usage of fossil fuels to create the energy.

Green sustainability can result in a much safer and cleaner home environment. Read labels and choose to purchase foods that are not grown by farmers that utilize chemicals and pesticides that may be harmful to the earth. If possible, grow at least some of your own food. Commit to eliminating the use of paper/plastic products as much as possible. These items contribute to deforestation and the petroleum industry, both of which strip the earth of its natural elements.

Environmental sustainability encompasses all of these elements. By committing to energy and green sustainability, environmental sustainability is almost assured. There is a direct link between the environment, energy usage and greener alternatives, and a commitment to one leads to noticeable improvements in the others.

The Sustainability Conference 2010 addressed many of these issues in its annual gathering held in January. Industry and academic experts in sustainability development, green alternatives, and environmental research met to discuss environmental, cultural, economic, and social sustainability, resulting in an exchange of new ideas and a renewed commitment to the growth and enhancement of the sustainability movement.

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