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The Doha Climate Conference 2012

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The eighteenth annual United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) held each year in Doha, Qatar, concluded on December 8 without making any measurable progress in its effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the environment. The climate conference did succeed in extending the Kyoto Protocol that was due to expire at the end of 2012 to 2020. It was also agreed to extend the development of a new protocal until next year. (more…)




Protect our earth: use bicycles instead of cars

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A lot of politicians are talking about global warming, its impacts and about several topics which are dealing about human beings who are destroying our planet. But nearly nobody is making clear proposals what to do against these problems. Thirty years ago – some elder still remember – on some Sundays in a month nobody was allowed to drive a. So the “German Autobahns” were empty and ready to use for cyclists and hikers. But this was because of the oil crisis.





How Carbon Dioxide Influences Global Warming

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Only in the last 50 years have scientists recognized the link between global warming and carbon dioxide, CO2 for short. Carbon dioxide, along with methane, water vapor, and some other gases care called greenhouse gases, because they have the effect of trapping in heat on the Earth like a greenhouse. In a greenhouse, glass panels allow the heat and light of the sun to enter, but prevent them from escaping, boosting the temperature inside, allowing plants to grow year round despite the conditions outdoors. Similarly, greenhouse gases trap heat from the sun. (more…)