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Water Pollution on Earth

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Despite the fact that this natural resource is essential for life, most people don’t actually think much about the importance of water. It’s also easy for many to ignore the dangers of water pollution, especially when those people live in areas where the resource is plentiful. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy an environment where drinking, cooking and bathing water are always clean and easy to get. This resource is one of the most threatened and most ignored on the planet. (more…)




The Facts About EHEC

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E.Coli is a bacteria found in warm-blooded mammals. EHEC is the enterohaemmorrhagic strain that causes food-borne disease. EHEC is transmitted through fecal contamination and grows at temperatures between 44.6-122?. EHEC E coli symptoms include abdominal cramping and diarrhea. Occasionally, diarrhea may escalate to a bloody diarrhea, called hemorrhagic colitis. EHEC bacteria may also cause fever and vomiting. (more…)