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Convention on Climate Change in Durban

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The United Nations is hosting the 17th Conference of the Parties (COP17), which is a convention on climate change, in Durban, South Africa. The Conference of the Parties has met every year since 1995. COP17 began on Nov. 28, 2011 and will end Dec. 9, 2011. Governmental representatives from close to 190 nations will be in attendance. Several nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and international organizations will also be at the convention. (more…)




The Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse effect is fairly basic science, simple enough in principle to explain in elementary science curriculum. Sunlight passes through the transparent glass of a greenhouse roof. When it reaches an opaque surface, some of the energy is converted to heat which cannot escape as readily. As a result, temperatures increase inside the greenhouse. In the model, atmospheric gasses act like a glass roof and elevate the Earth’s temperature. (more…)




How Carbon Dioxide Influences Global Warming

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Only in the last 50 years have scientists recognized the link between global warming and carbon dioxide, CO2 for short. Carbon dioxide, along with methane, water vapor, and some other gases care called greenhouse gases, because they have the effect of trapping in heat on the Earth like a greenhouse. In a greenhouse, glass panels allow the heat and light of the sun to enter, but prevent them from escaping, boosting the temperature inside, allowing plants to grow year round despite the conditions outdoors. Similarly, greenhouse gases trap heat from the sun. (more…)