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One Year After Fukishima

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On March 11, 2011, the Fukishima Daiichi nuclear power plant was running on emergency generators due to the automatic shut down of the reactors following the earthquake. Compounding the problem, three reactors had already been shut down for routine maintenance. The emergency generators were disabled when the 14 meter tsunami struck the plant, resulting in nuclear meltdowns and explosions that released great quantities of radioactive material into the environment. (more…)




Earth Day 2011 Is The Biggest Green Day Ever

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Conservation, renewable energy, recycling and sustainability have become common subjects in today’s media. On Earth Day 2011 (officially April 22, though observations of various kinds are scheduled throughout the weekend) people will drive hybrid cars, discuss the pros and cons of wind-farm locations, install geothermal systems, fluorescent lights and solar panels, and even listen to Green Day songs. (more…)




Oil versus Renewable Energy

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The debate regarding the use of oil versus renewable energy was coming to a head recently with another oil spill occurring in the Gulf of Mexico. This brings up the alternative choice of using renewable energy that is safe and does not carry the dangers to the environment than oil does. Researchers in a variety of areas are looking for energy solutions they can reduce the damage is done in accidents such as oil spills. (more…)




It’s Easy Being Green: A Guide to Renewable Energy and Efficiency

There is a lot of discussion centered around non-fossil-fuel energy sources and energy efficiency right now. With atmospheric concentrations of CO2 rising to damaging levels, renewable energy might be the best option for reversing the effects of global warning and reliance on fossil fuels. But how does one know how to choose an alternative energy source? (more…)